Absentee Voting

Any qualified elector may vote an absentee ballot by mail or in person at the Baldwin County Circuit Clerk’s Office if they are out of the county or state on election day; or, has any physical illnesses or infirmity which prevents his or her attendance at the polls, whether he or she is within or without the county on the day of election, or who works a shift which has at least ten (10) hours which coincide with the hours the polls are open at his or her regular polling place; or who is enrolled as a student at an educational institute located outside the county of his or her personal residence; or who is a member of or spouse or dependant of a member of the U.S. Armed forces, or is similarly qualified to vote absentee pursuant to the federal uniformed and overseas citizens absentee voting act, 42 U.S.c.1973ff; or who has been appointed as an election officer or named as a poll watcher at a polling place other than his, or her, regular polling place.

Applications are available in the Bay Minette, Fairhope and Foley locations, as well as a PDF download, but all completed applications must be returned in person or mailed to the Bay Minette office only.

Brenda Ganey
312 Courthouse Square, Suite 10
Bay Minette, AL 36507
Phone: (251) 937-0261 (recorded message explaining absentee voting)
Direct Line: (251) 937-0379 (to talk to a live person)

They can also be downloaded from this website, in PDF format, and from the secretary of state’s web page: sos.alabama.gov/.

Office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., closed from noon until 1:00 p.m. for lunch.  Closed all state/federal holidays.

Medical emergency absentee voting: any registered elector who requires emergency treatment of a licensed physician within five days of an election may apply for an emergency absentee ballot for the election and when issued the ballot may vote and have his or her designee return the absentee ballot to the Absentee Election Manager, no later than noon, on the day the election is held.  The attendant physician shall describe and certify the circumstances as constituting an emergency on a special form designed by the secretary of state.

Business emergency absentee voting: any registered elector whose name appears on the poll list of qualified voters may vote by an emergency absentee ballot if he or she is required by his or her employer under unforeseen circumstances to be out of the county on an emergency business trip on Election Day. Under such circumstances, the applicant shall apply for an emergency absentee ballot at the office of the Absentee Election Manager. The applicant shall complete and file an application form designed by the secretary of state for emergency absentee voters. The form shall contain an affidavit which the applicant shall sign and swear acknowledging that he or she was not aware of the out of county business requirement prior to five days before the election. An applicant who meets the requirements of this subsection may vote by an emergency absentee ballot. After voting the ballot, the voter shall hand the ballot to the absentee election manager.

Completed absentee applications must be returned by the voter in person to the Absentee Election Manager (no later than 5 days before the election) or be received by U.S. Mail (no later than 7 days before the election).  The application must include a copy of the voter's photo I.D. (driver's license).

Multiple applications may not be mailed in the same envelope.

Each application must provide the Alabama residence where the voter is registered to vote, even if the ballot is to be mailed to another address.

If you have moved and have not updated your polling place, you should contact the Baldwin county board of registrars to update your address prior to applying for an absentee ballot. The address and phone number is:

Board of Registrars
P. O. Box 1507
Bay Minette, AL 36507
Phone: 251-937-0305; 251-928-2074; 251-972-6877

Voter instructions will accompany each mailed absentee ballot and must be carefully followed to ensure that your ballot will be counted.

Military/Overseas citizens are not required to submit voter ID and may apply on one application for all elections to be held during the calendar year. The applicant must specify his or her political party preference to be issued a primary ballot. The application will be valid for the calendar year in which it is received.

Voted absentee ballots must be handed from the voter in person to the absentee election manager (except medical emergency ballots which may be returned by the named designee) or be received by U.S. Mail.


Is it too early to send in my absentee application?

I don’t know my precinct/voting place
You can leave it blank, it'll be ok.

What Election is the election in November?
General Election

Do I have to have a witness on the application?
Not unless you sign by mark (X)

Do I have to send the copy of my ID in with application or ballot?
The application

Does the copy of my ID have to be in color?

Do I have to send the front and back of ID?
The front only

When can I come vote absentee in person?
As soon as the ballots are received.

Can I drop my application/ballot off at the satellite courthouses?

Are there drop boxes to drop off ballots?

Can I bring my ballot back to Bay Minette in person?
Yes you can.

Can my spouse or other family member be a witness on ballot?
Yes, anyone over 18 years of age.

2022 Election Schedule


March 30 – Absentee voting begins

May 9 – last day to reg to vote

May 17 – last day for applications for an absentee ballot to be received by mail

May 19 – last day for absentee ballot applications to be received by hand

May 23 – last day to receive absentee ballots by hand

May 24 – Absentee ballots must be received by mail by 12:00 pm



June 6 – Last day to register to vote

June 7 – Begin Absentee

June 14 – Last day to receive absentee applications by mail

June 16 – Last day to receive absentee applications by hand

June 20 – Last day to receive absentee ballots by hand

June 21 – Last day to receive absentee ballots by mail by 12:00 pm



Sept 14 – begin absentee voting

Oct 24 – last day to register to vote

Nov 1 – Last day absentee ballot applications can be received by mail

Nov 3 – Last day absentee applications can be hand delivered

Nov 7 – Last day absentee ballots can be received by hand

Nov 8 – Last day Ballots received by mail by 12:00 pm